Today, we had a gardener come

I guess we are crazy to hire a gardener, since we are renting, but we want the place to look good. A gardener for 8 hours is $15.00. He also works for our friends, Jill and Sy, and they love him. Manuel came with a friend this first time, and the 2 of them worked for 8 hours, so we paid $30. He will come once a month from now on. This first day was a big job. We made lunch for them and provided water throughout the day.







In just one day, it looks so much better. We are thrilled. We found a way in the garage, to access water, that we had not known about, so it will be easier to water the plants. We will probably have to buy $30. a month more in water, too, to water the plants, but it is worth it.






I want to start a container garden on the patio to liven things up, too. Hopefully, he’ll help us keep it all alive. Just another day in Paradise.

    • Thanks, Jan, I have been watching the CT news on computer every morning on nbc CT,and I have been following the blizzard.It is beautiful to watch through the window with a cup of coffee in hand or I like to walk in it, or see pictures. After that, I will take my beach. HAHA.

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