Pork Soup by Mary

Pork Soup by Mary

Mary, my Ecuadorian friend.

Mary, my Ecuadorian friend.

Mary is an Ecuadorian friend, who gave me this recipe. Leo and I both loved the soup very much. It makes between 6-8 bowls of soup. I made this after going to Charapoto’s Open Market. We have so many wonderful fruits, vegetables, meats and fish to choose from. The produce is raised in the agricultural land surrounding Charapoto, so it is fresh every Sunday morning at the Market. We made this after purchasing a pork bone recommended by Mary. On the way home in the van I jotted down the recipe she dictated to me. Many of their soups are made by what they have available, so here is the one she gave me:


2-3 lb pork bones (it looked like vertebrate to me)

2-3 hot peppers (seeds for hot, no seeds milder)

2 onions

4 cloves of garlic minced

3 carrots, thin circles

3 big handfuls of white beans

water to cover the bones

1 T salt and 1 t. pepper

1 t of oregano

2 t of cumin

1-2 T of cilantro cut up

6 potatoes and/or 6-3″ lengths of yucca (I cut up both) optional

rice cooked to put in the bottom of the bowl


Put the pork bones into a pot and cover with water. Heat on high to a boil.

Add all the other ingredients except for potatoes and yucca. Let it all simmer for and hour.

Then add the potatoes and or yucca. Cook at least an hour and check to see if beans and potatoes and yucca are done. If not, cook until they are done. The starch in the potatoes and yucca thickened the liquid and the potatoes and the yucca take on the flavor of the broth. If it got dry, I added more water. The soup is on the thicker side.

I took out the bones and removed the meat which fell of the bones. I discarded the bones and put the meat into the soup pot.

I served the soup with a sprinkle of cilantro and served with aji sauce and lime.

I also served it over rice in the bowl.  It is a complete meal in a bowl.

The amounts of things in this is arbitrary according to what seems right to you. Taste and adjust. Above is what I did.




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