Net Fishing in Front of the House

It is funny, because each day there could be something new going on in front of the house. That is one of the perks of living on the beach. This morning I woke up and the first thing I usually do is “check to see if the ocean is still there”. It is a wonderful thing to see the first thing each morning. This morning I saw net fishermen in front of the house. I don’t usually see net fishermen in Crucita. I saw them all the time in Playas. Here they usually fish from the bigger boats. The smaller boats, pangas, go out to the bigger boats and collect the fish. Then they bring the fish to shore where a  truck picks up the fish. So it was fun to watch the net fishermen for a change.

Net fishing is hard work. First the boats go out and drop the net. Eventually, it fills and the men then start the hard part of pulling the nets with fish to shore. It takes two groups of men each on an end of the rope. They are very far apart at first and little by little as they pull, the two groups get closer together. It takes about 2 hours to pull it in. One man on each end organizes the rope and the net as it comes in. A truck will come and collect the fish. The helpers will be paid some in money and some in fish. The birds fly overhead anticipating the time to get their fish. The men always throw the birds some fish and the birds steal some too. The stray dogs seem to congregate, too, probably looking for food and amusement.

It’s just another day in paradise!

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