Palm Frond Art

IMG_7624I am not an artist, but I like to try new crafts. I had seen on Pinterest something called palm frond art. It intrigued me, since we have so many palm trees here on the property. We have palm fronds down that we haven’t picked up yet. And the second picture shows palm frond ends that we have cut shorter and are drying out. The third picture is a mask-type thing I made from the frond. To make the mask first, I washed it with water and a rag. Next, Leo sanded it and wiped it down. Then I practiced drawing eyes from images of old eyes I saw on google images. Then I used oil paints to draw the eyes, shadow the nose, and paint the lips. Finally, Leo will paint it with varnish.






Also, in our trees we have seed pods that look like canoes. There are several things you can make with them. Initially, I made three fish. I used paints and permanent markers that I had at the time. I had tempera and acrylic paints. I will use oil paints in the future. I washed them, Leo sanded them, I painted them, and Leo varnished them. I used inspiration from images of real tropical fish I saw on google images. We are going to see if we can find a clearer varnish or we may buy epoxy. I am anxious to see what the fish look like with oil paints. I wasn’t too happy with the acrylic and tempera.



    • Jan, you are too funny. You are the one who should be her assistant, if you could stand her. She’s a little intense I hear.

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