Driftwood Crafts

If  anyone is on Pinterest you can follow me at Joyce Uzcategui. I get a lot of my ideas there for my crafts. A lot of the crafts we do in our craft club come from Pinterest, also. Because I live on the beach, I am very interested in using found objects on the beach for crafts. It helps clean the beach as well as provide free natural objects to use in crafts. Also, I use “junk” objects to make things, like flipflops, pieces of net, bottles, etc. for art projects. It makes for an enjoyable walk when you take a grocery bag and fill it as you walk with items you feel you may use in a future project. My friend, Jill, has a shed constructed on the edge of her property by the beach fence to store driftwood in. She runs the craft club, so she is always storing up objects for future craft projects.

We have been collecting a little more aggressively recently. Leo has been spotting large pieces of driftwood that he wants to use, so he finally stopped an Ecuadorian guy with a truck that he uses to push boats into the water and drag them out as well. Leo asked him if he would help him gather up large pieces of the driftwood and bring it to our house in his truck. He said sure, so they gathered up about 10 large logs that we used to make planters with. The guy charged Leo $10.00 for his work. Not bad.

Next, Leo, cut up some of the logs in about 3 foot lengths. Usually both ends of the logs are interesting shapes and some were somewhat hollowed out and would lend itself to hollowing out some more to plant things in. We lined the logs up along the walk way. Then I took cuttings from some of my plants and put them into the logs. The cuttings will grow very fast and will be trailing down the log in no time. Leo also cut three logs at 3 different tall heights, hollowed out the top, and we planted geraniums in them. The three poles were placed together and will later be tied with thick sisal rope to give it that nautical look. Our Ecuadorian neighbor said a  friend was going to give him a smallish boat for decoration and he asked if we wanted it. We will plant flowers in it. I can hardly wait to get that.

Back garden

Back garden



These are some of  the yellow plants that were divided. (Fish was dropped by a bird.)

These are some of the yellow plants that were divided. (Fish was dropped by a bird.)












At our home, a rental, they had a neglected garden on the street side that we are trying to bring back. We recently bought some plants in Charapoto at the open market. We had previously seen some plants, not too many, but that week when we planned to buy them, there were so many plants there that week. We hit the jackpot. We bought 2 cannas, 2 hibiscus, and 4 sunflowers. Leo planted them today. The back area has some nice trees and bushes, but no color, so hopefully these plants will provide some color. We hope to buy a few more each week. We had a gardener come on Monday to help plant a garden along the beachside of the house and along the South side of the house. We had some yellow plants in the front. Manuel, the gardener, divided up the plants, and had enough for the left front and the whole side. We had some cactus and other desert type plants that we got from Jill weeks ago. Manuel transplanted them in between the yellow ones. Also, I realized I had a cherry tomato plant growing on the side of the house that came out of no where. It has a lot of flowers on it, so we should be getting tomatoes soon. That was a pleasant surprise.






Moving to Ecuador, has opened so many new things to explore that we never did before. Of course, the fact that we are retired does give us the time to do these things, too. I do love the year round good weather, so we can be out and about without worrying about weather so much. Speaking of weather. This week we heard that New England had a big snowstorm and they called, no school. Being a former teacher, I used to love snow days. I loved being able to roll over and go back to sleep instead of going to work. It was Mother Nature’s little surprise gift, one we had to give back at the end of the year when it was hot and we had no air conditioning, but you know how we love instant gratification and a snow day is that-for a minute. I posted this picture on Facebook to tease my former colleagues.


Snow Day?



  1. The flowers are beautiful, doing a great job. More snow on the way for Boston, it will be while before we see any flowers here !

    • I guess we really dodged a “bullet” this year with the snow. About now everyone must be a little tired of all that “beautiful white stuff” and we are only a week into Feb.

  2. Joyce,
    I love the large driftwood with the plants growing out of the top. Beautiful.
    It is snowing outside our window right now. Supposed to snow for the next three days with only a foot or so of snow! We seem to get a foot with each storm. Went to Mass. yesterday. They have a lot more than we do. Good to see my Mom and Jelani.

    • Hi Joan,
      I love watching snow come down. It is so pretty–to watch! Glad you were able to see your mom and Jelani. Did he get married? I thought I remembered him serious with a girl in MA. The last we talked he was doing very well.

  3. I love the picture,Joyce ! The flowers will be lovely I am sure. It must be challenging carting too many home at a time without a car. It looks like you’re having a wonderful time there.


    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the nice comments. We are having a wonderful time. I have to pinch myself sometimes. There are times when I am quiet, sitting looking at the ocean and I find myself saying to myself, I can’t believe I am here having so much fun at this point in my life. Honestly, you just never know what life will bring you.

      Are you enjoying your snow day today? You have had so many that the realization that you have to make them up in that hot weather is probably taking the fun out of turning over and getting to go back to sleep, (personally, that was my favorite part of a snow day).

      Hope all is well with you. Tell the people at Chamberlain I said hello. Thanks for following and for making comments. I love to hear your hello!

  4. I noticed the fish in your garden. Did you know that fish are a wonderful source of fertilizer?? Just bury them and they’ll do the work for you /(*_*)\ Yes, we had more snow yesterday and expect more thurs and Fri. My grandmother used to say snow is the poor man’s fertilizer—well, if that’s true we’ll have a beautiful garden this summer (*_*)

    • I had heard about the fish and I used to use a fish type fertilizer in FL. I had never heard the connection between snow and a good garden-it’s water, so why not. I know everyone must be looking forward to Spring. I am actually looking forward to seeing our next season, because I’m getting a little hot. I got stung by a wasp today. It only hurt a little while. I guess I am not allergic, I can still breathe. I do like the little rain we get in this “rainy” season. It is good for the plants. Leo just went down the street with our friend, Eduardo, a friend of his has a little broken boat that we could put in the garden (I think, let you know when I see it.). Keep warm. I hope you had a good birthday last week. A friend here, just celebrated his 90th, he is a livewire. There’s hope for us Jan.

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