Mapping Crucita Project

We have set aside one day a week to work on my latest project, Mapping Crucita. We went out in a tuk tuk for an hour. First we rode down the Malecon, the road that runs along the ocean. I filmed the building side (East) and Leo filmed the beach side (West). We started at the far North end of the Malecon where it is not even paved. It starts in Arenales. At Crucita the road is paved. It runs to the Walkabout Restaurant in the South and then becomes unpaved again. After the Walkabout, there are houses and no stores. Crucita is a small fishing village and is made up of houses, small family businesses, and a few municipal building. Most of the businesses are restaurants and hostals.  On the beach you will find thatched roofed huts where they process sardines. The biggest businesses of course are on the Malecon.  Early in the week there are few tourists. The week-end is busier. Holiday times are even busier. People mostly come from Portoviejo to the beach.  During the week-ends, the buses do not go down the Malecon, but take a side street that runs parallel to the Malecon. Many people have beach homes here, usually condos, or they rent a room or rooms in a hostal. After we filmed both sides of the Malecon, we turned around and the tuk tuk drove slowly on the wrong side of the street, so I could take individual pictures of the buildings to include in the mapping project. I must be now a true Ecuadorian, I didn’t even flinch when I saw we were going down the wrong side of the road. (I find this very surprising).

Now I am using Google’s My Map to map Crucita. It will be similar to the maps I made of places I lived and worked. Today I spent an hour downloading these pictures. I had to have the pictures online to connect them to my map, so that is why they are down below. When we were riding along, we saw many places painting and fixing up for Carnivale. We are going into Crucita Saturday to see the parade and later about 8 or 9:00 PM there is a party at Linda and Fred’s house on the Malecon. We may watch the parade from Joy and Harold’s condo.

Linda and Fred’s condo

IMG_8096 IMG_8097 IMG_8098 IMG_8099 IMG_8100 IMG_8101 IMG_8102 IMG_8104IMG_8115IMG_8114IMG_8109 IMG_8111 IMG_8112 IMG_8113 IMG_8118IMG_8120IMG_8121IMG_8122IMG_8123IMG_8124IMG_8125IMG_8126IMG_8127IMG_8129IMG_8131IMG_8133IMG_8135IMG_8136IMG_8137IMG_8138IMG_8139IMG_8142IMG_8143IMG_8144IMG_8146IMG_8149IMG_8151IMG_8152IMG_8155IMG_8159IMG_8161IMG_8162IMG_8165IMG_8168IMG_8169IMG_8170IMG_8171IMG_8172IMG_8175IMG_8178IMG_8179IMG_8180IMG_8182IMG_8181IMG_8182IMG_8184IMG_8185IMG_8186IMG_8187IMG_8188IMG_8192IMG_8195IMG_8196IMG_8201IMG_8202IMG_8203IMG_8204IMG_8206IMG_8207IMG_8209IMG_8210IMG_8211IMG_8212IMG_8213IMG_8215IMG_8216IMG_8230IMG_8219IMG_8220IMG_8221IMG_8223IMG_8224IMG_8227IMG_8228IMG_8230

    • Thanks Rick, I have so much more to do on it. I’ll be adding to it a little at a time. Have you decided where you want to land in Ecuador to check it out yet? Coast or mountains? City or countryside? How much longer do you have to go to retire? Hope you continue to enjoy the blog. Joyce

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