Spaghetti and Jazz

Saturday, we went to a Spaghetti Dinner and Jazz Music at the Walkabout Restaurant. It was a great way to get together with people here in Crucita. We met a very nice new couple that we enjoyed talking to. They are here for 3 months I believe to escape the Canadian winter. They picked a perfect year to escape! There were about 20 expats there. It is always good to see and talk with them.

The spaghetti and meatballs were good and the people were even better. We will miss our Friday Pizza Night at the Walkabout. We’ll just have to create a new Friday Night Thing.

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  1. I’m sure you’ll create something even more fun. As I look out and see snow everywhere I think of you and Leo on the beach. Oh well, I can dream (*_*)

  2. Spaghetti night sounds great. Glad to see the gathering is going good. What happened to Friday pizza night. Jane and I think of you all often. Going good here in Costra Rica so far. Wish you and Leo the best in your new life in Ecuador

    • Hi Bud and Jane, It is so good to hear from you. I can’t wait to read about your adventures in Costa Rica. We miss you. Pizza night is over because Sonia and Bob are trying to sell the restaurant. We got a few couples together last Friday to go into Porto to a Mexican restaurant that we love, Che Cactus. We are going in again in 2 weeks to a restaurant Jill and Sy knows about, Chinese. We want to explore new restaurants in Portoviejo. We go in by bus and come back by cab. Two couples share the cab. As you know the restaurants are limited in variety in Crucita. It is very hot here now. Right now there is no wind. We are on our porch eating breakfast and the palms are not moving one little bit! Love hearing from you. Hope you love costa rica. Joyce and Leo

      PS any one who wants to read about retiring in Costa Rica, check out Bud’s blog,

      • That is a shame about pizza night. I hope you find another place to gather. We always looked forward to Friday’s. It is hot here too. They have been in a drought and now it is the dry season. Though we have wind we are not right on the beach. But only a few minutes away.
        Thanks for the plug for our site.

        • I am glad you have the wind, it is the only thing that stops this heat. Glad you are near the beach. We are still in the rainy season which I like because it helps the garden. Also, it seems to rain only at night,so it isn’t rainy in the day to keep us inside. Thanks, for keeping in touch! Enjoy Costa Rica.

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