Craft Day-Palm Art

Our craft group met last week, and we did palm art. We had lots of palm fronds around, so Sy came down with Sonia in her car and they took the fronds we had cut previously. Since I had already done a few pieces before, I decided to try actually painting on a palm frond. I was a bit nervous because I am not artistic. I looked up jellyfish on the internet to see what they really looked like. I found one I liked and tried to paint one similar. It is not really that good, but it will hang on my bamboo fence and not a galley, so not to worry. We had a lot more people at crafts this week, than usual. Everyone seemed to really get into it and had fun. We sanded the piece first, wiped it down, and painted. We had our usual lunch that we brought and had a beer which Jill and Sy provided. When we finally sat down, we had time to talk as we are more quiet while we are working–most of the time. Below are some of our creations.

IMG_8432 IMG_8436IMG_8437IMG_8429 IMG_8438IMG_8442

  1. If you ever need to do some very fine sanding…use a brown paper bag…it works like a charm to smooth things out. Just tear off a piece and sand away.

    • Thanks Jan, I didn’t know that. Always like a good tip! Hope all is well with you and you have done well with this big snow.

      Leo and I have both been sick with flu symptoms. We are taking medicine. I feel better but Leo is still having muscle pains. We go to the dr. On Monday. We are just getting old!

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