Che Cactus with Friends

Since we lost our Pizza night on Fridays, we have decided to try various restaurants in Portoviejo. Each person will recommend a restaurant they liked, so we can get a variety of places to go. It is possible to take the bus into Porto then share a cab ride home to Crucita. This was our first excursion. This time 4 couples went and we did the recommending. Of course we recommended our favorite restaurant, Che Cactus. When we ride the bus and have to pick up people at various bus stops, Jane always quotes the Quite Man, a movie that starred John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. “Put your hand out and wave like a Protestant”, so the people at the stop will know that is the bus you are on. Jane and I have used that signal since I have known her. This time in emails to all of us, she mentioned that you have to wave a white  as well, to be official. Each one of us came on the bus with a white napkin to wave. Sy and Jill got on the bus first. The bus that came first, we thought would not be them because it was a bit before they said they’d get the bus, so we walked back a few steps, so the bus wouldn’t stop. I looked anyway and did not see them until they had passed and Jill was in the window waving the white “handkerchief”. Leo whistled at the bus and of course Jill and Sy were telling the bus driver to stop. Luckily, the bus is run loosely in these parts, so the bus backed up for us. We called Joy to tell her we just got on the bus, so she went out to her bus stop. When we got there we, waved the “handkerchief” out the window and she got on. (Harold was already in Porto, because he had just gone to Guayaquil and back to take his daughter, who was visiting, to her flight home.) She had a white handkerchief with her. When we came near the bus stop of Jane and Michael, Joy and Jill waved out the window and I, who was sitting behind them, videotaped the scene. Jane was speechless, uncharacteristic as it was. She just laughed like crazy. We had fun fooling with her.

We were a bit early getting into Porto, so we decided to go to the Mall, where we met up with Harold.






Of course everyone had just a little something to get “while we were there”. We took two cabs to the restaurant, 2 couples in each cab. The ride cost $1.00 a cab. We got the good cab I guess. He only went into the left lane once when we  were backed up at a light. He went around all the line of traffic and turned left at the light. Jill said she thought she was going to die, literally, in her cab. She said he was the scariest driver she’d ever ridden with and he went about 100 mph in and out of traffic. Glad I  missed that thrill ride.

We were surprised when we got into the restaurant, because we saw a new person from the Craft Club who is staying in Crucita for 3 months. We didn’t expect to see someone else we knew. Everyone loved the restaurant. It was fun getting together in a new place. I can’t wait to try the next place. Jill suggested a Chinese place and I think it was Joy that suggested a steak place. I’m good with either. In Crucita we have good Ecuadorian Restaurants, but they are all similar, so after a while, you just want to try something else, like we did in the States, too. We have asked Olayita and Colon for recommendations to add to the list to try. We have tried 2 Parrilla (Ecuadorian BBQ) in 2 places. We loved the meat (you get several kinds on your plate). The one place we did like, we will have to ask for a substitute for the cow udder. I know my friends will not go for that. I imagine they will substitute it, though.

IMG_8463 IMG_8464 IMG_8466





Leo got a steak that is for two, so being funny he cut off a small piece for me. The group picture taken by the waiter.

We came home in a cab. Jill and Sy and we came together, since we both live out-of-town and Jane, Michael, Joy and Harold shared, because they live in town. The cab ride to Crucita is $12.00, but the cab ride out our way is $14.00. Sharing the cost makes it more reasonable. We will be doing this again in 2 weeks. We are looking forward to it.





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