Months Shopping in Portoviejo

Tuesday we decided to go into Portoviejo to do our monthly shopping and to buy some more plants. We called Olayita to see if she and Colon could pick us up and take us home. In Portoviejo, we saw several expats doing their weekly shopping. We also went to Kiwi to buy some paint and brushes. We really had a load of groceries. We spent about $220 at the grocery store. That will last a month with some added buying. Our total for Feb. for groceries including going to Charapoto was $530. I just can’t seem to get it down. We buy a lot of cleaning products each month and it also includes beer. We had 2 parties during Carnaval that we had to provide the beer for 25 people twice and that probably ate into the grocery bills. I think we are going to add beer from now on to our entertainment costs.

We hung around the shopping mall until 5:30 when Olayita and Colon got off from work. They took us by the plant store to pick up the plants we had picked out earlier. Then we asked them to recommend a more upscale restaurant with good food that we could recommend to our Crucita friends. They picked a place called “Hip Hop”. It was an Ecuadorian BBQ place. The place was more upscale than most of the restaurants in decor and they had the best garlic toast. It looked like creamed garlic on top. Olayita decided it was mayo and garlic.  I ordered a plate that had a variety of meats that had been cooked on the grill. Outstanding. The only flaw was that the baked potato was not hot and the grilled banana was hard and not hot either. With the baked potato they also served potato salad. This must be a latin thing because Leo always used to ask me to make rice and potatoes. I told him I wasn’t making 2 starches. I used to think it was weird that he wanted both, now I’m beginning to understand where his likes came from. Someday, I will get it in my head that the rest of the world is not on North American preferences. This experience is good for me in that respect.

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