Sitting out back Observing

Sitting around watching the world go by.

Sitting around watching the world go by.

Being retired I spend more time than I would like to admit, just sitting and watching the world go by. Today was one of those days. Actually, I went to look at some new townhouses this morning that are going up by a neighbor’s house in downtown Crucita. She told us about them and knows the owner, so she suggested we go look at them. They are about $300. mo. for a long term rental. Sometimes I get in the mood to save money, so it seemed like a good alternative to the $800 we pay now. Of course it is smaller, but that I do not mind, it is a few blocks from the beach, that, Leo does mind, even though it has a “view” of the beach from the roof-top terrace. It does have hot water in the showers and laundry room, but not in the kitchen. I do not want to boil water for washing dishes like I had to do in Playas. I am spoiled here. The owner is Ecuadorian, but lived in the states for 20 years, but kind of forgot what it takes to attract Gringos to a house. Then again, maybe he doesn’t want Gringos, although he did seem interested in getting anyone into his townhouses. He has several in various states of finishing. After we had been home a few hours, Leo pulled me up  from the computer and said, “Come here, I want to show you something”. He  walked me out to the patio to look at the ocean. He put his arm around me and said, “Listen to that sound. Now, you can never get this in those townhouses.” Leo is the master of “friendly persuasion”. I had to laugh.

There's a hole in our tree!

There’s a hole in our tree!







Back to sitting around. At some point I sat outside on the patio watching the world go by and I noticed a small hole in one of our coconut trees. I sat there a while pondering what may have made that hole. First I thought of a woodpecker. It kind of looked like their holes that I’d seen in New England, but I didn’t remember seeing one here. Finally as I looked at it, a green parakeet came out. Then he sat there a while and out came another one. Then they traded places and the first one went inside. I took some video. I fiddled with my camera a bit and they must have flown off. I wonder if there are babies in there.

I remember one year I had hung a hanging plant outside on a deck outside our bedroom. One day I noticed a robin sitting right in the middle of the flowers. It sat there a long time making me think there might be a nest there. Finally, the bird flew off. I got a chair to stand in to look into the flower pot and sure enough there were 4 light blue spotted eggs in there. I observed it everyday until I saw 4 chirping birds in there. I was totally fascinated with the process. The mother and father bird took turns flying off to get worms. I watched them put a worm in each open mouth. It was so cool to watch it. I even video taped it. I  showed it to my class the next year. They loved watching it, too.

I will have to keep observing these green parakeets to see if there are babies there. I hope so.

Below is a video of the two parakeets today:

Another thing we noticed on our covered porch where we eat, was a wasp sitting on my dreamcatcher that I made from driftwood. I watched it a while and realized it had begun to make a small nest on the branch. It has an unusual back end, so I looked it up online and found it was a mud dauber. They are solitary animals. At least we won’t have a swarm soon. Of course I am going to scrape the nest off the dreamcatcher and hopefully the mud dauber will go elsewhere. We do have several wasp nests in the trees next door. (have fun Real, my next-door lot owner, and future neighbor). They love those pine trees! Also, the iguana we saw was in YOUR tree. Real, don’t bring pets, you already have many! Below is a video of the mud dauber:


  1. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Was getting concerned. From your email, it sounds like you are just relaxing and watching the nature around you.
    John and I went to your favorite restaurant last week, Puerto Viarta (sp?). We had a delicious meal and a great time. Told John I would have to email you and tell you.
    It is snowing again! Won’t add up to much but enough is enough.
    Enjoy the sound of those waves daily 🙂

    • Hi Joan, Just been sick. OK now.I am jealous that you were at Puerto Vallarta. Did you go to Middletown or Newington? We have been looking at CT news on the computer every morning and I marvel at the fact that it keeps snowing. Are you still working at the Union? Love hearing from you. Hi to John.

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