Monthly Get together at Marcia and Glen’s

Marcia and Glen, expats here in Crucita, decided to have a monthly get together at their house. It seemed like a great idea, so they emailed all the expats here. It turned out that about 35 people attended. It served as a few different things. First is was a good bye party for Jane and Michael Higdon. We have enjoyed their company so much and it will be sad to see them go. Also, it was a birthday party for LaFaye and Sandy. Hey, we love an excuse to celebrate. There were six newcomers there as well, so it was a good opportunity to meet them. We are losing 4 people. Jane and Michael as I mention earlier and Ann and Bill Saunders who recently sold their condo to two of the new people. We will miss them, too. Below is a slide show of the party.

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