Buying fish 30 Steps from the house.

Saturday, is the day that Mary, a friend, comes to clean the house. While she was here in the morning, she noticed that men were fishing in front of the house. She said that 3 of them were family members. We decided that we would buy some fish from them. Mary yelled from the  patio and they brought some fish up to the fence. They did not charge us, but they did want water, so Leo went inside and brought out several water bottles to them.


Mary cleaned the fish and we put them in the fridge for later. Close to noon, I made rice, aji, and zucchini to go with the fish. Leo fired up the grill. Mary had previously put salt and pepper on the fish,  and she checked to make sure Leo was cooking them right. They were delicious. We ate the fish with our fingers as Mary had instructed. Just another one of the perks of living on the beach in Ecuador.

Video of Mary Cleaning the Fish for Lunch

IMG_9567 IMG_9568 IMG_9569 IMG_9570 IMG_9573


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