Restaurant Find in Portoviejo-Ming Yuen

Eating a Ming Yuen. Harold, Joy, Sy and Jill.

Eating at Ming Yuen. Harold, Joy, Sy and Jill.

One evening the expat group went to Ming Yuen, a Chinese Restaurant in Portoviejo. I would definitely give it a thumbs up. I haven’t had Chinese in so long that it was a real treat. All of us ordered from the specials. I know that Harold did not like his selection, but others who ordered it did like it. The atmosphere was very good and it was clean. The specials  were all $7.50. The beers were $1.50, so the prices were reasonable. We just like the idea of eating in some place new and trying it out. It could be a bust, but how do you know without trying it at some point. The company is always great, so it is never  a total loss.

Harold and Joy


Leo, Glen, Marcia


Jim, Harold, Joy, Sy



We all ordered a combo.



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