Lunch in Crucita-Remini’s Restaurant

We are trying to get into Crucita once a week to eat lunch. This week we went with Jill and Sy to Remini’s. We have been eating there a lot lately. They have a fish plate called, Chicharrones de Pescado, fried chunks of fish. They are so good. We got French Fries, too and I got a salad to go with all that fried food. Very good, but lots of fried food. I guess I got the salad because I felt guilty eating all that good fried food. I also bought 2 Panama Hats from a street vendor that wandered into the restaurant. The hats were $7.50, but I got them for $5.00 each. I got a beige one and black one. I will need to go down to Jill’s to make several hat bands from beads left over from our last craft day or go to the craft shop and buy some more beads. I can color coordinate my hats to my outfit. I’d better be quiet, because they are already talking about my Switch Flops that have straps that can be changed to coordinate with my outfits. I started with these when we lived on a boat. I even got a personalized pair with the name of our boat, The Eleven. Since our next move was the Ecuador Beach, hey, they are perfect. Anyway, the night I went to Genoa’s Restaurant, I wore a turquoise blouse and had put on turquoise nail polish and someone asked me if I always wore my polish to match my clothes, which I do not do usually, but I had run out of red, so I used the blue. Blame it on my mother, she used to do that. I guess I passed it on to my daughter, too, because once we were buying a dress for my granddaughter and my daughter said, I guess we’d better  to get the socks and headband to match. Some things you just can’t unlearn-especially at my age!

Nail polish to match my outfit.

Nail polish to match my outfit.


My three Panama Hats


My Switch Flops and the straps to go with them.

My Switch Flops and the straps to go with them.


Joyce, Jill and Sy at Remini’s


Leo ordering.

IMG_9452 IMG_9451

  1. I loved reading about your lunch in Crucita. We are trying to decide where to go for our retirement. Debating between Nicaragua and Ecuador. Leaning towards Ecuador. Your comment about the craft shop assures me I can get supplies there. I do things with fiber, sew, weave, needle felt etc. If you could reply I would love to chat with you.

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