Restaurant Find in Crucita-Genoa

We were so excited to know that a new restaurant was opening in Crucita. It was Italian, and we do have two other good Italian Restaurants in Crucita, El Rustico and Fiore, but it is always great to have choices. One Friday night the word got out to meet at Genoa. There were 28 of us, so we filled up most of the restaurant. It was the first time that such a big group got together reminiscent of Friday Night Pizza. That’s where the good part ended. The only people who like the food were the people who ordered Spaghetti Marinara, which was spaghetti with a garlic sauce and shellfish. The bread was good, too. I ordered lasagna pesto. They asked if we wanted it hot or cold. I chose hot. It came cold. Audrey and I sent it back for a refire and the waiter came out shouting “caliente”, holding our plates with a towel or napkin. I tasted the pesto and it was stone cold again, so I did touch the plate to see if it was really hot and it was cold. So much for “caliente”. Audrey kept hers even though it was cold and I went back for a refire, but again it came cold. While waiting for our refires, we asked for bread and I dipped it into Leo’s garlic sauce still on his plate. Leo was up talking to others, so I knew he was done with it. The sauce was great, so I enjoyed the bread. I ate my lasagna cold and Audrey took hers home to heat up later. The spaghetti with red sauce tasted like it was out of a jar or can according to one expat.  The owner was from Italy, but I am guessing he is not using his “old family recipes”-but then again I guess not EVERYONE in Italy can cook well.


The owner knows that we did not really like the food. I hope he just modifies his recipes, because if he does everyone will be willing to give him another chance. One expat, his friend, said we were acting like “ugly  Americans” because we expressed that we did not like the food. (the owner is an Italian expat). If I owned a restaurant, I would be sad if people did not like my food, but I would be trying other recipes and inviting some other expats there to taste test it until I had some recipes that the people who will be patronizing the restaurant liked. I want his restaurant to be successful.


Harold and Joy arrive in their tuk tuk.


Leo and Harold


La Faye arrives.




The owner


The waiter and guitar player.

IMG_9427 IMG_9436 IMG_9437 IMG_9430

    • Apparently no microwave and I am not sure what they had in the kitchen-not much I am guessing. He may have cooked everything at home and brought it-not sure. He said it was hot at 5:30, but this was much later. Oh well!

  1. Too bad the food wasn’t great but it looks like the company was most enjoyable.
    How can you run a restaurant without a microwave??

  2. First of all I would like to say that I am one half Italian from Chicago Illinois so I think I know a thing or two about Italian food. I am blown away by the quality and the taste of every dish I tried at this restaurant. I have been down visiting for four weeks now and eat here almost daily when they are open. I have now tried eight different dishes and they all were excellent . Please keep in mind this is a fishing village but you would never know it eating Italian food at Genoa. The chef has been trained by the owner Enrico from Italy.
    Everything is fresh, homemade and delicious .
    And please don’t let me forget the pizza . The dough is made daily from scratch pizza is thin crust and incredible flavor . We will be here for a few more weeks and look forward to new fresh dishes that they add to the menu weekly . Again I think I know a thing or two about Italian food in this place has it all going in the right direction . So if you happen to be in the small fishing town of Crucita. Stop have lunch or dinner at Genoa with the Oceanview in front of you and you will be amazed with an incredible meal of Italian food in this small town in Ecuador .

    • Hi Jim and Daniela,
      Thank you for your comments. I must say that several have told me that the Genoa has improved its menu and is much better. I have not had a chance to try it but I will. I believe you had even mentioned it to us, too. I was hoping that it would get better, because I do want local people to succeed and we will be supporting the restaurant in the future. We have enjoyed having you here in Crucita and are looking forward to your return after the school year ends.
      Joyce and Leo

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