Pool Party at Joy and Harold’s Condo

Joy and Harold live at the Palm Beach Condos on the Malecon. It has a nice pool, so they have pool parties periodically for those of us who do not have  a pool. Each person brings his own drinks and a snack to share. It makes it easy. We rode the bus to their condo. A few people were there and several came after we got there. Again, we sit around and gab and get in the pool and gab some more. Just a nice way to spend a day. The best part was holding Joy’s new puppy, Sunshine. I want one! IMG_9618 IMG_9619IMG_9621 IMG_9623IMG_9625 IMG_9626IMG_9627 IMG_9628The weather was rather overcast, so I was not hot, so I did not chase the shade which is my regular M.O. We were there from 1:00 to 5:00 and to say I was fried is an understatement. I think I glowed in the dark.  I hope I won’t be doing that again. I haven’t had a sunburn in 30 years.We rode the bus home and just about the time we walked in the door, my sister called on Skype and I saw myself in the video call and realized that I was red! Afterwards, I went to look in the mirror and could see clearly how burned I was. When the sun is overcast, it is easy to be fooled into thinking you are not getting burned. I should know better growing up in FL, but hey, I haven’t had to worry about that in lots of years as I am not a sun worshipper. Hello, I am on the Ecuador, that sun is going to get me when I am not careful. It was a good wake up call.




Just a note, there are places for rent in their condos now and for sale(3 bed, 2 bath). I have no interest in sales, but just throwing it out. I know when I was looking at blogs etc. before the move I was always interested. Rents are about $750 ish I think.  I just looked for a pic and I saw the condo in someone elses pic. It’s the beige one in this picture.   http://www.tripadvisor.ca/VacationRentalReview-g3236045-d7650901-Crucita_beech_home_Beach_beauty-Crucita_Manabi_Province.html and

another pic for one of the rentals in Palm Beach  is: http://www.tripadvisor.ca/VacationRentalReview-g3236045-d6914437-Ocean_Front_Luxury_Condo-Crucita_Manabi_Province.html



  1. Hi Joyce!
    I got hit with a nice burn when we were there last December on a very overcast day. I learned! What kind of puppy is Sunshine? Golden Retriever? We will be there July7-14!!!!

    Bye for now, Lexie

    • Hi Lexie,
      I guess I’m not the first one to learn that overcast day lesson and probably won’t be the last. Sunshine is a small poodle. Looking forward to seeing you in July. Joyce

    • Fortunately, the sunburn wasn’t too painful for long. Doesn’t that puppy look like it belongs with me? Especially a brother or sister of it.

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