Friday Night at La Loma Restaurant

Dinner at La Loma

Dinner at La Loma

Joy arranged for Jim to have a goulash dinner at La Loma on a Friday Night. We had to RSVP so that he could plan better. There were about 50 people who had responded. The only problem with La Loma is knowing if you can get a ride up that steep hill. We had contacted Alberto, a tuk tuk driver, to take us up. He arrived and we headed to La Loma, but Alberto’s tuk tuk was missing first gear that day, so our getting up the hill was out of the question. He did take us to the bottom of the hill. Brian and Roy were standing at the bottom of the hill waiting for Jim Ricks to come by and give them a ride. We waited to see if anyone else would come by and give us a ride. Before long, Joy and Harold came in her tuk tuk and offered us a ride up. It was quite a nice time. There were several new expats there. One lady, Rosana, was from Venezuela, where Leo is from.  She had lived in the USA for 30 years like Leo. She was there to check out some condos at Crucita Del Mar. Her husband stayed in the states, Minnesota. There was another couple who just bought a lot next to Audrey in our development, Los Ranchos Estates. There were a few other couples who were visiting and looking for property, too. We were there from about 2:00 to 6:00. The food was good and talking to everyone was best.

We invited Rosanna to visit us the next day. She walked from Crucita to our place in about 1.5 hours. She likes to walk on the beach, but she could have taken a bus. She did take a bus back at the end of the day. We had a great visit. We had lunch. It was Sat. so Mary and Manuel were here working, so we all had lunch together.

At the end of  the get together at La Loma, we talked with Dwight and Barbara who live in a house on La Loma hill (mountain?). They invited us for a drink at their house. Dwight took Barbara home on their quad. Then he came back for me and then he came back for Leo. Don’t you just love the way we figure out how to get something done. They live in a beautiful house with a pool. The architecture is beautiful in the house. You walk up these beautiful stairs and you come to a covered landing to the left where they have a table. Then you come to the front door. The house is so pretty. First you see the kitchen with a counter and stools. It is an open concept with dining room and living room there. In the back area is a pool and tiki hut bar.We had drinks on the front landing. We could see the lights of Crucita down below. In the daylight you would be able to see the beach. Just so pretty. We called Alberto to come to the bottom of the hill to pick us up and take us home. Again, Dwight, took us one by one down the hill in his quad. Alberto was there waiting. We had a great evening.


    • I love city lights at night. I still have to say nothing compares to the New York skyline we had on the boat our first year of boating.

  1. Looks like you are loving your new life. I was deleting some old work emails and found a few things you sent me. Made me think of you so I checked out your blog. You are certainly keeping busy. So glad that you guys are enjoying retirement.

    • Hi Laura,
      Nice to hear from you. Yes, we are enjoying our retirement. It is all and more than I expected. Not perfect of course, but nothing is. How did you get along at the new digs while they were fixing up Gaffney? When will Gaffney be ready? Say HI to everyone. Joyce

  2. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope all is well. Do you think you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the pope? How nice that he is visiting your country.

    • Hi Jan,
      Thanks for thinking of us. I haven’t written on my blog out of part laziness and part doing a lot as we are try to move to a new home since our landlord sold the house. We will be moving on Aug 15, to a home about a 15 minute walk down the beach to the north. It is not as glam as this one, but has a pool for me and the beach for Leo. We will be in more of an Ecuadorian neighborhood, which will be nice, since we will be able to meet more neighbors.

      We are having a wedding at our house in a week. One of our Ecuadorian family members is having the civil wedding here with party, the next day will be the church wedding and reception in Portoviejo, and then everyone will be back to our house on Sunday for the beach party. Fun to experience that. I have no work except, make sure it is presentable. That part I like.

      We will not see the Pope. He is not coming near here. Everyone is excited that he is here. Hope all is well with you. Are you still working at Chamberlain this fall? How is it there? What are you doing for the summer?

      We are headed into Portoviejo today to check out some things for our new home. I have been on Pinterest trying to see organizational tips. I want to organize well my kitchen area, especially the food. We have a maid’s quarters that we will not be using, so we are getting rid of the bed and making it a pantry. I got some good ideas on Pinterest and I need a lot of baskets, containers etc. to carry out my plan. Talk to you later. Joyce

    • Hi Jan,
      Sorry this comment slipped by me. All is well. Did not see the Pope, but everyone was excited that he was here. I hope to get back to blogging after our move. Too much going on right now. Hope all is well with you. Joyce

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