Jill and Sy’s for Pizza

The thing I like about living here is that since we are retired and everyone else around here is too, then spontaneity is the norm. One morning Jill emails us and asks us if we want to come down for a pizza lunch. See said pizza is at 1:00, but come any time. So we got the bus at about 11:00 and headed their way. At first Leo suggested walking down the beach, but it was too hot at that hour to walk for 45 minutes, so we decided that we would walk back. We just sat around and chatted and then ate and then sat around and chatted some more. We walked around their gardens, which are so pretty. They plants are about a year old and we started from sprigs. They have purchased very few plants. They take cuttings from plants along the road or ask homeowners if they can take a sprig from their plants. Friends have brought them plants, too. They share and have given us many as well. I guess there is hope for the things I have planted.  Jill has used driftwood nicely and I like her bamboo edging. Manuel, the gardener of both of us, made them and today he is here making the bamboo edging. We are putting blue Pilsner Light bottles in the top. We have been saving the bottles to do something with them.  Another thing I like that they have is their tiki hut. I wish I had a place to have one. That was something I have been wanting since I was in the states knowing I was moving here. Actually I wanted a bamboo house.  Jill and I have similar tastes including colors. Her house is yellow with blue trim, my favorite. In Pinterest I have pinned several houses with that color scheme. Actually, my favorite shade of blue is turquoise and she has a royal blue which is pretty, too. We left about 4:15 because they were going to dinner at Jane and Michael’s house. Jane and Michael are leaving to go back to the USA. We will all miss them. We had a great afternoon.

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