Mother’s Day at the Beach

Let's Party

Let’s Party

Since many of us here are expats and are here without our children, we decided to invite everyone over for a Mother’s Day Fish Fry Beach Party. We had about 50 people. We had our Ecuadorian family, expats, and local Ecuadorians we have become friends with.We rented 2 tents and had them set up on the beach in front of the house, because the sun can be harsh at this time of year even when overcast. It was overcast that day thank goodness and a light breeze was blowing to refresh us, so it was just about perfect. A few days before we had 2 wooden boxes made to fit two table we already have, so we could fill them with ice to put the salads in that the guests had brought. I have always wanted one of those, especially in hot weather it is kind of a must for food sitting out for hours. I have seen the blow up kind at Oriental Trader, but I would need a “mule” to carry them here in a suitcase. The boxes were perfect.

We have a Pilsner Light Beer many drink, that comes in a cobalt blue bottle, so I scrubbed the labels off, put lace around them, and used it as a bud vase for the roses I bought to give to each lady at the party. I bought lengths of fabric, 6 meters of blue and 6 meters of yellow to use as tablecloths. At the store I asked for the cheapest, washable fabric they had, so I paid $2.00 a meter. When the tables arrived, they were round instead of rectangular like I had ordered, so luckily the fabric was wide enough to cover the round tables, too. We cut them with pinking shears as the tables arrived. (Just one of the occasions where you have to punt in Ecuador.) We had bought a bunch of pineapples to use as decorations, but although they looked good on the long tables (the 2 we had), they did not look good on the round tables with the other things I had, so we just put them on one table and let people take them home at the end of the party.

One of our relatives, Patricio, had ordered a Mexican singer to come and serenade the ladies. Everyone enjoyed him. It was really sweet of Patricio to do that! Our niece and nephew who are with us visiting from Venezuela  enjoyed meeting their cousin, Mario’s, Ecuadorian family, who is now our adopted family. We had music and people enjoyed dancing. It was a great get together. We love the Crucita community, because everyone is so friendly and fun to be with. Below is a video of the day.


      • Unfortunately, my Mother’s Day was tough. My mom had a stroke the Thursday before, so we spent it in the hospital. John came up and took me to brunch. She passed away yesterday. Funeral will be next weekend.
        Good news;;;Jelani graduates from Bridgewater State today.

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