Update on Parapente Flyer

Felipe, Samuel, and his wife

Felipe, Samuel, and his wife

This morning we were happy  to see the parapente flyer, Samuel Von Rutte, and his wife at our beach gate. They came in for coffee and we talked about the day before. They were both very thankful that he was rescued. Apparently, he knew right after he jumped that something was wrong with his equipment. His wife who was up on La Loma at the jump site saw that his equipment was wrong, so she threw on her gear and jumped to help him. As I said before, everyone was there helping him, because it takes so long to actually fly there. The police did take him to the hospital, where they checked him out and then let him go. We are all grateful that this story had such a happy ending.

Samuel lives in Orecao, South of here. He has been flying for many years and has lived in Ecuador 30 years. He is originally from Switzerland and is a cacao grower. He exports his beans all over the world. He brought us some chocolate, which is delicious. They are anxious to fly again and get this bad experience behind them.

Felipe, Leo,Samuel and his wife

Felipe, Leo, Samuel and his wife

  1. Wonderful cousins, and more wonderful that they came to thank you, because nowadays, no one cares what others do for us.

    • Hi Carla, It was nice to be able to talk with them. They were both very thankful and appreciated the help they got.

  2. So glad there was such a happy ending and that he can’t wait to fly again. Don’t know if I would be as excited. What good people you have surrounded yourselves with.

    • Thanks, Joan. Leo had wanted to fly once and I sincerely asked him not too, because I just did not know what I’d do if something happened. Both Felipe and Thais have done it a few times. Everyone loves it. We do have good people here.

  3. I am soooo glad you guys were there to help him, how scary! It was nice for him to come back to let you know he was ok and to thank you.

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