A Must Read for Potential Expats


IMG_8138I just ran across  an article that popped up when I was googling my website. It was titled: What Aren’t you Being Told About Moving to Ecuador Parts I and II. I recently had a talk with a potential buyer here in Crucita about living here and what to watch out for etc. Surprisingly, she did not know about some of the pitfalls. Surprising, because I think I read everything printed about Ecuador on the internet and saw about every video about Ecuador, before moving here. The thing that helped was I was not surprised by some of the “negative” things I saw here, I expected just about everything. To my surprise, though, was it was much better here than I had expected.  Since there is no Utopia, it is better to know what to expect, and try to evaluate one’s tolerance  for it before coming. Once you are here for a while, you will know whether you were being too optimistic regarding your tolerance level or not. Somethings we just have to experience first hand. I had read the linked article before coming and it was helpful. Reading it again, has made me post a link to it, because it is hitting everything on the head that one has to be aware of and I want everyone to be knowledgeable. Dr. Lee Dubs has done an excellent job of explaining the pitfalls. The article was written in 2013, but is just as true today in 2015. It is a must read!!

The link is on South of Zero Blog:  What Aren’t you Being Told About Moving to Ecuador By Dr. Lee Dubs

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