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I have created a map of places I have lived. Since I am the family vagabond, my places have racked up. I had fun just trying to figure out how to get my pictures on the map. After some research, I found out that I can use Picasa to put my pictures up on line so I can access them on My Maps. I tried that, but I could not get the pictures to link. I finally realized that if I put the pictures up on my website I can access them that way, but here they are just hanging out. If you would like to see My Map, called, Life of Joyce Railton McKenna Uzcategui, Places I have Lived. Just click.














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  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog, especially the little details, because it gives me an idea of how much Playas has changed since I was there. I visited in 1962 when I was first in Peace Corps. While I’ve been back to the coastal town in the Santa Elena Peninsula many time, most recently in 2011, I’ve never returned to Playas, mostly because my personal ties are still in the peninsula. I can’t imagine that small, sleepy fishing village with a mall. Maybe I’ll visit next time. Thanks

    • Dear Billie, I am glad you enjoy the blog. We really love Playas and the Mall is a great addition. The town itself has many great little stores to shop in, too. They have big plans for the Malecon area from the west to the canal (waste dumping I think) near where we live. On youtube they have a video of the plans. It is still a sleepy fishing village until Fridays when many visitors come from Guayaquil to visit for the weekend. I like the activity.I hear it really jumps during the high season. We enjoy the expats here as well as the local Ecuadorians who are all very gracious. When you refer to the Santa Elena Peninsula are you referring to Salinas? We are moving from here in 2 weeks for Crucita. We will miss it, but hope to visit. It’s only a 5.5 hour bus ride away! Thanks for your comments. I hope you will visit the blog again!!

  2. I have been reading post , blogs, and anything else I can find regarding more about Ecuador. I found your site and love it, you paint a clear picture of your area and life. My husband, myself, and our daughter now 6, have been to Ecuador 2 times checking out our move. We are retired, between us have 5 other grown children, and 11 grandchildren. We adopted Jada when she was 18months old…long story. We live in small town in Oregon, so looked at Manta, north before, we are coming the 18th of May starting in Salinas back to Manta. I see you are retired teacher, we are looking to home school Jada with a tutor. So thought maybe bigger city with collage for a student tutor. We are trying to learn Spanish but its slow, hoping once there it will improve.

    We have rented condo on the beach in Manta Edificio Santorini the month of June. So is there something from the states that you are missing or wishing for that I could bring you. As a bribe of course to meet with you and get ideas on how to solve the puzzle of having Jada in school. Still going home in the summer to see the rest of the family with the to different school years. I would like to consider in smaller town on the ocean. I have seen the prices are better if purchasing in the smaller towns

    Thank you


    • Thanks, Jill for your kind words. I am glad you find the blog helpful. If you like to get together with people, Crucita and area is great. Manta has a big expat group there, too. I hope we will get together in June when you come down. You will be about an hour bus ride away. We would be glad to meet your bus when it comes to Crucita. We will show you around and you can come to lunch and chill on the beach. We just had a woman here on Saturday from US who was born in Venezuela like my husband. We were giving her the lowdown on the area. She spent the whole morning and afternoon with us. We had lunch and visited.

      I will be glad to talk with you about Jada’s education. As to a bribe, I could go for some taco seasoning.

      The prices are better in the smaller coastal towns and going to visit is a good idea. We came sight unseen, but we figured we’d move if we didn’t like it, but we did not have a child, so we were very flexible. We have been in 2 places (Playas villamil and Crucita). We loved both places and will probably stay here forever. At our age we will not buy, renting is fine for us. You might want to connect with any other bloggers in the other towns to get first hand knowledge like you will get here in Crucita. Looking doesn’t answer much.

      Leo is bugging me to get going, we have a pool party to go to and now is the time to go. Keep in touch. Looking forward to meeting you. Joyce

  3. Thanks for reply. Taco seasoning it is, I know east coast has different brands sometimes the west coast. So let me know what kind you like, and see if I can get it. Look forward to meeting.


    • Hi Jill,

      I am not fussy about my Taco seasoning. I will be just thrilled to have some. Thanks, you are so thoughtful! Looking forward to seeing you. Joyce

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